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Coppo artigianale
Our roof tile is therefore the ideal solution for the upkeep of our traditions.

Our great historical and cultural heritage needs renovation whilst maintaining the same traditional look.
The roof tile produced by Fornace Fonti,  made with appropriate clays, embodies the very essence of nature, water, earth, fire.

The handmade roof tile with its form and colouring is suitable for today’s restoration of old buildings, returning them to their original beauty thanks to the natural and irregular colouration of the earth maintained intact by means of the modern way of kilning.

tetto in coppi

The characteristic colouration is not obtained with artificial colours but is entirely natural and obtained using natural clay baked in one of the oldest coal ovens in existence in the Veneto region.

The simplicity of this roof tile eliminates the need for special pieces, which is the disadvantage of other tiles and allows a perfect finish even when used with decades-old tiles that are of different dimensions and colour tones.

This handmade roof tile has a high resistance to atmospheric agents thanks to the added thickness and the ample curvature.Questo Coppo Artigianale ha un elevata tenuta agli agenti atmosferici grazie al maggior spessore ed al raggio di curvatura molto ampio.

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